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Air Freight (Aircraft Transportation)

Air freight is the one of our primary activities: cargo delivery by air - the best option if the delivery time is important. Logistics of our company will calculate the optimal route, ensuring the most rapid delivery of the goods at the lowest price. Forwarding agent that accompanies your cargo ensures the reliability of transportation, informing the customer about the whereabouts of departure.

Popularity of air freights caused by several advantages over the delivery by other types of transportation. First of all, air freight - is the fastest way of delivery of goods. Air freight is particularly relevant in the case when transportation of perishable goods is expected. Delivery of cargo by air at the shortest time is possible at almost any distance, and this factor also makes the air freight as indispensable service in the organization of international cargo delivery.

Air freights have no significant restrictions on the volume and weight of the cargo. Finally, delivery of cargo by air has a maximum security, because the level of security measures taken at airports are significantly higher than at rail or sea terminals. The only drawback that air freight has - a relatively high cost - is masked by the possibility of transportation of prefabricated parties of goods. That is why the delivery of cargo by air, nowadays seems the most preferable option of transportation for many companies operating both abroad and in Russia.

When offering air freight we oriented towards maximum customer satisfaction in the field of rapid, reliable and safe shipping. If you order air freight to us, you can always count on a number of additional advantages, such as:

1.      Competitive prices throughout Russia and worldwide. Delivery of cargo by air is organized in close partnership with the leading airlines of the world, which makes it possible to substantially reduce prices and offer customers quality service at a competitive cost.

2.      Individual approach. Ordering shipping freight within Russia and the world with us, you can count on the professional organization of transportation and support the process by skilled managers. We do not offer standard solutions in the field of air freight, but carry out individual schemes in each case, which can maximize efficiency and reduce transportation cost.

3.      A wide range of additional services. Shipping within Russia and worldwide is not only the direction of our activities, so you can always count on an integrated approach to the goods transportation of any complexity.

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