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Road Freight (Truck Transportation)

Among the common types transportation, the most prevailing is the international road transport of goods, and not surprisingly, because the benefits of such a delivery are not in doubt. Firstly, an extensive road network makes it possible to deliver any cargoes directly from the supplier warehouse to the warehouse of the recipient without a need of transshipment. Secondly, the cost of transport by truck is much lower than the cost of delivery by air, and sometimes the train. Thirdly, the speed of delivery is acceding only to air. There are many minor advantages of trucking: the high mobility (possibility to change the route due to different situations), less risk of damage (relatively small volumes of a truck during emergency situations bring a little less damage than a plane crash, ship or railway) etc.

For long-distance and international cargo transportation, we use vehicles of Russia's and foreign manufacturing - various carrying capacities (3, 5, 10, 20 tons), various volumes (8, 36, 82, 86, 120 cubic meters.), as well as special vehicles - in accordance with the customer wishes.

High expertise level of our employees, as well as individual approach and consideration of all the requirements of our customers allows us to deliver goods at a convenient for customer time and to ensure the full safety of the cargo.

As a carrier, we take 100% property accountability for the cargo and if we involve for the carriage third-party transport organizations, we only work with those who has established a good reputation on the freight market. Thus all our partners-carriers are required to attend a review by relevant organizations that provide services in the security field.

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